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Hello, welcome to Guangzhou Sea-lion Technology Co., Ltd.

Development path

    2019 Year

    SEALIN pass the "high-tech" certification again

    2018 Year

    Guangzhou SEALION "meter weight control system" was identified as a high-tech product of guangdong province
    guangzhou SEALION "ultrasonic thickness measurement system" was identified as a high-tech product of guangdong province

    2017 Year

    Pass ISO9000 quality system certification
    Pass the intellectual property management system certification

    2016 Year

    Awarded as "high-tech enterprise"

    2015 Year

    Passed the software enterprise certification, obtained a number of software product copyright
    won the "science and technology innovation little giant" enterprise

    2014 Year

    Set up SEALION machinery workshop, to meet customer quality, delivery control

    2013 Year

    Guangzhou SEALION R & D center was established, set up east China office, southwest office, north China office

    2012 Year

    Guangzhou SEALION moved into guangzhou science city

    2010 Year

    The first ultrasonic thickness measurement system was developed successfully

    2009 Year

    The first gravimetric control system was developed successfully

    2008 Year

    Guangzhou Sealion software technology co., LTD. was established